15 October 2018

Current RMS recently collaborated with a number of companies based in Australia and New Zealand to create a series of case studies showing how beneficial their cloud-based rental management software can be. With their software tailored to those working within the pro-AV, lighting, events and broadcast industries, their case study included the team from Melbourne-based Light & Sound Solutions who supply AV and lighting equipment to events and jobs across Australia.

The team at Light and Sound Solutions have been using Current RMS for over a year to manage all aspects of their business, after learning there were huge benefits from having their workflow located completely in the cloud. Since coming on board, they can log into Current on any device, any time – ideal for when they’re out of the office, on site, or in between jobs. It’s proven extremely beneficial in keeping communication between team members consistently streamlined, essential in the busy rental scene when managing expensive kit.

“Our team is hardly all together in the office and we do a lot of work onsite and whilst travelling, so it was a win for us. We’ve never had the option to work remotely before,” said Mark Wilkins, Production Manager at Light and Sound Solutions.

It’s not just the team that see the positive impact of working on the go. According to the team, using cloud-based rental management software has also had benefits for their clients. Building important quotes with their customers becomes easier and more flexible with Current RMS, with quotes often needing adjusting to reflect changes to the clients specification at short notice.

“We can just pull out our phones and log in to Current to make a quick change and send off an updated quote,” Mark explains.

Since using Current RMS, the Light and Sound Solutions team have been expanding the range of exciting jobs they supply to, with Current RMS keeping up with the pace.

Current RMS: www.current-rms.com


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