matrox c900 graphics card for video walls



30 May 2016


The Matrox C900 is a special-purpose graphics card designed to power 3×3 and 9×1 video walls. It will be used by Shuttle at Computex 16 to drive a 3×3 video wall.

The C900’s single-slot form factor and low power consumption at 75W offer digital signage and video wall vendors simpler integration and a lower cost of ownership. Its support for stretched desktop across all nine synchronised outputs lets users run any application full screen across a 3×3 video wall which makes the card ideal for signage installations in retail, corporate, entertainment and hospitality environments as well as control room video wall solutions in security, process control and transportation. Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software for Windows is included with C900, providing a comprehensive set of tools.

Shuttle’s renowned XPC cube series is only a fraction of the size of a normal tower PC but delivers the same performance with high durability and strong expandability. The latest SZ170R8 supports the sixth generation of Intel processors and provides a robust I/O interface in addition to PCI-E x16, PCI-E x4, M.2, and Mini PCIe slots for single-slot Matrox C900 graphics card, surveillance cards, or RAID cards to drive video wall, file server, network video recorder, and more applications. It can accept up to four 3.5” HDDs and support Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Also includes an 80 Plus Silver certified 500W power supply for highly energy-efficient, stable long-term operation.

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