sydney opera house joan sutherland theatre renewal project



11 May 2017

sydney opera house joan sutherland theatre renewal project

The Joan Sutherland Theatre (JST) will be closed for seven months as the Sydney Opera House prepares to start work on its first major Renewal project replacing the JST’s theatre machinery that has reached the end of its operational life.

The $45m JST machinery upgrade has been self-funded by the Opera House to ensure the theatre meets the expectations of current and future generations of audiences, performers and staff.

The upgrades include:

  • A new theatre flying system that will be quieter, safer and more reliable;
  • An improved grid deck providing a more flexible system of hoists and a clearer, more open work area; and
  • A better rigging system as well as a new bridge for rigging lights.

To make the most of the opportunity while the JST is closed, the NSW Government has committed a further $26m towards additional upgrades to improve functionality, accessibility, acoustics and safety in the theatre.

The Opera House will remain open throughout the construction works, with all other performance venues, restaurants, bars and tours operating as normal. The suite of upgrades in the JST will lead into a larger program of Renewal works funded by a $202 million investment by the NSW Government, including upgrades to the Concert Hall, entry foyers and the arrival area under the Monumental Steps, as well as new function and creative learning centres, bringing the total value of Stage 1 Renewal to $273 million.

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